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Closet Makeover

Closet Makeover – based on hourly rate

“I have a lot of clothes – but I still feel like I don’t look put-together” … You need a closet makeover!

1st Hour $150, $100/hour
Approximate consultation time is 2 hours

Closet Makeover

Closet Makeover Goal

Looks Image Consulting will come to your home to give you the education during your closet makeover and show you how you can have the wardrobe of your dreams !

You receive a shopping list via email with:

  • Clothing Item
  • Colour’s
  • Price you can expect to pay
  • Where you’ll find it

Closet Makeover Process

Mini Body Analysis to discuss your ideal silhouettes in the following clothing categories

  • Tops & Blouses – shape & length
  • Sleeve Lengths
  • Necklines
  • Jackets – shape & length
  • Pants
  • Skirts – shape & length
  • Shoes & Boots
  • Jewelry

Mini Colour Analysis

  • Identify your Home Season
  • Discuss your WOW colours
  • Give you your best metal colour for jewelry, zippers and hardware for belt buckles, eyeglasses, bags/purses

Evaluate your clothing

  • Discuss alterations
  • Discuss dated and/or worn, ill-fitting clothing
  • Streamline your wardrobe for colour & shape
  • Create YOUR clothing personality based on your lifestyle & budget

Create and On-Line Story Board & Shopping List – YOUR education includes:

  • Clothing item & quantity
  • Colour(s)
  • Price point
  • Itemized and total budget

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