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Colour Analysis Colour Analysis – $250.00

“I have a sweater that’s this beautiful shade of green and every time I wear it, everyone gushes about how great I look….”

Your colour analysis consultation is approximately 2 hours in your home or in Looks Image Consulting Office.

Facing a large mirror you will be draped with fabric to:

Determine your Undertone of “Warm or Cool”

Identify your “Home” season

    • Autumn
    • Spring
    • Summer
    • Winter

Cross-draped to determine if you “Flow” between seasons (there are 6 flow palettes that borrow characteristics from the Home seasons) – as not everyone fits perfectly into the 4 home seasons.

The flow palettes are:

  1. Deep (Autumn-Winter)
  2. Muted (Autumn-Summer)
  3. Warm (Autumn-Spring)
  4. Light (Spring-Summer)
  5. Cool (Winter-Summer)
  6. Clear (Winter-Spring)

Once your Personal Palette is determined you will receive:

  • Personal wallet size palette book that has 36 of YOUR colours ($45 value) comes with your session


I now review your Personal Palette Book with you (one colour at a time) to:

  • Identify your “wow” colours one by one
  • Discuss how to incorporate your colours into your wardrobe
  • Help you decide what colours are appropriate for business, play, evening, etc.
  • How your palette colours can be used for make-up purchases
  • Ideal hair colours
  • Your metals for jewelry (bright gold, burnt gold, bright silver/platinum, brushed silver



Send  a headshot – $125.00


  1. Headshot (no flash, no makeup)
  2. Bright, natural light is optimal
  3. Selfies are fine



  • A Personal Palette book – 36 swatches of actual fabric – in the mail ($45 value)
  • Great neutrals
  • Your WOW colours
  • Colour combinations within your palette that will work for you for jewelry, zippers and hardware for belt buckles and bags/purses
  • Makeup colour advice
  • Hair colour advice
  • Your best metal for Jewelry, Hardware (zippers, buckles) and Eyeglass Frames

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