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It was so much fun shopping with you! Thank you for helping me to understand my colour and to find new styles/outfits that I feel comfortable in. You have a great eye for beauty and I appreciate your gentle honesty and sensitivity. I’m very happy with what I have purchased; I especially love that black leather jacket, I wore it today already!

Victoria 29 – Mississauga

So I feel like I’m all set to conquer the world. Thank you again for giving the tips on how to shop for me, which gave me the confidence to make shopping a less painful experience! I also wanted to THANK YOU so much for your fantastic help in getting together my wardrobe.

Michael 42 – Oakville

My husband and I have just last night returned from our magical cruise from Athens to Rome…and I wanted to THANK YOU so much for your fantastic help in putting together my wardrobe for this journey. I wore everything….everything went together….and it was so easy to get dressed. I wasn’t missing a single thing
I’m sure I was the best-dressed woman on the ship! (well, almost!) And it is all thanks to you!.

Liz 67 – Toronto

Okay I was tired after our trip but it was worth it. The next day I wore the teal shirt, pencil skirt and boots and got compliments from everyone (including patients–which was weird). Also, J made me try everything on, which I did not expect. Who knew how much clothes matter??? You may even be getting some business from some people from my office…

Jennifer 34 – Toronto

It was great having you to speak at the Image Consulting workshop on Wednesday. The students definitely gained a lot from the valuable dressing tips you provided. You also made the seminar very interactive through the colour analysis activity, which kept the students interested and entertained throughout. This was never done on our campus before, and you did a great job! I hope you enjoyed talking to the students as much as the students enjoyed listening to you.

University of Toronto

Thank you so much for a great day yesterday. When I went to the mall and walked into a favourite store and I found myself reacting in my usual manner…walk through the store, start to feel overwhelmed, get frustrated and leave. But I didn’t leave! I turned around at the door, took a deep breath, and started to look for some of my colours. I kept in mind your advice about —1) wrap and -fitted shirts, and 2) pencil skirts and went and tried them on – so I got my teal top! I got two tops there actually. One teal, one blue. I kept shopping and saw a pretty blouse right away with my purple in it, grabbed it with a purple tank for under it and then Dana came over (said she knew you and said you were fantastic) and helped me pick out a few things by using the colour palettes. So we got a black pencil skirt, the purple blouse and tank, a beautiful rusty orange tank with lace, and a rusty orange sweater (wrap style). These two orange tops look awesome with the dark blue jeans I found. I grabbed black and brown opaque tights. I also got a grey pencil skirt with a teal pinstripe in it with a matching jacket.
So I feel like I am all set to conquer the world ha ha ha…
Thank you again for giving me the tips on how to shop for me, which gave me the confidence to make shopping a less painful experience!

Amanda 41 – Markham

You are a wonder and a blessing. I can’t begin to describe how awesome it felt to have a choice of umpteen outfits for tonight’s special event. The crowd (including the husband) went wild. You’ve really created such a wonderful situation for me – taking a major burden off my plate (“what to wear?”) and doing it in such a fun, fun and expeditious way. I ended up wearing the dress I almost stupidly left behind (black with the blue lining) – with the boot/shoes (my gay receptionist wanted to try them on….) and the round earrings…..another major meeting tomorrow with 50 options to choose from – can’t wait !!!!

Stephanie 46 – Kitchener