Looks Image Consulting knows it’s been a huge learning curve for many to make the transition to working from home and how to look good on a video call is a topic many people are faced with.  Men and women working from home quickly realized creating a great first impression has changed. Gone are the days of the head to toe assessment that felt very different when you physically could walk into a room. We think there are a few points that you already do and are obvious…excellent!!! But there are some “behind the scenes” tips that are vital too!


How To Look Good On A Video Call: Hair


How to look good on a video call

You’ve got 10 minutes before your first video conference! Uh-oh. Your bangs have grown out. Your grey roots have come in, what now? Let’s face it, most people are only seeing you from the chest up so it’s more important than ever that your hair looks great. The style, cut, and the color is of utmost importance, and getting fast, easy solutions, like curbside color, pick up will be vital!

Have you ever seen someone with beautiful hair but something still looks “off”? Their skin, eyes, and overall complexion look just weird, and that’s because their hair color is simply not matching the warm or cool undertone of their skin. It’s vitally important to get the necessary education to make sure that you can make choices yourself that make the most of you.

…Psst image consultants are pretty great at giving quick hairstyle tips that get you “camera ready” every time, based on your personality and virtual image goals. All it takes is a fast and easy consultation! Virtual…of course!


Tip #2 To Looking Good On A Video Call: ACCESSORIES

How to look good on a video call

We’ve had many clients who ignore this part of their wardrobe for a few reasons…time and a lack of confidence in pulling an entire “look” together. Since some have saved travel time working from home it’s come down to each individual’s personal image education. The right pair of earrings, tie clips, or scarves can make a huge difference in your online presence. Retailers have had some fun selling wardrobe capsules this way! 

It’s a great idea, but how to not waste your money and ensure you’re buying something that makes the most of you and truly reflects who you are?


How To Look Good On A Video Call: Makeup


How to look good on a video call

Have you been to a video conference and you thought someone’s makeup looks “clownish”? The X factor is COLOR.

An image consultant can help you gain a clear understanding of how to highlight your features…and ok, ok, we’re not necessarily suggesting men need to use makeup but a little highlighting and contouring never hurt anyone!


How To Looking Good On A Video Call: CLOTHING

How to look good on a video call

I’m sure you’ve heard people joking that they keep their pajama bottoms on all day because no one sees your bottom half anyway! Fair point. However, feeling completely put together certainly CAN make a difference to your confidence on an important day. This point goes hand in hand with what people see on you from the waist up. 

Like makeup the key element is COLOUR because the easiest way to get that “wow factor” is to wear a color that is going to make the most of your skin. Getting the “down-low” on what will make your skin, hair, and eyes pop is wearing that “drop-dead gorgeous” color that will make everyone stop dead in their tracks.

It’s SIMPLE. YOUR Colour (can we link to my service) is not crazy difficult to understand…we’ll work together!


How to Look Good On A Video Call: Lighting & Camera Angles


Want to look clear and bright-eyed? Have flawless skin? Investing in a portable light ring will make a huge difference. Lume Cube Inc., for example, offers a video conferencing kit that simply attaches to any laptop or monitor and warm or cool lighting adjustability, which is awesome to match and make the most of your skin tone. 

Make sure that you angle your laptop or phone slightly downward to give your face and body a flattering silhouette. It’s important you test this out beforehand so that you can quickly and easily get the most flattering camera angles with your available lighting. I know this may seem obvious, but I’m reiterating it anyway!!!!  Look directly into your laptop or phone camera. This is the only way to always make eye contact (and we all know eye contact is critical) and engage with whomever you are talking to.

Many organizations, companies, and entrepreneurs have made the jump to a virtual working world and realize that at the end of this pandemic our working ways will never be the same. Whether you’re working from home, interviewing for a new position, or meeting clients online, your online image could not be more vital.

Your education is easy to get! Set up your free discovery call, send us an email or just give us a call, we’d be happy to chat with you.


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