Coaching for Consistency:
Image Education for Teams

Everyone who works in fashion has exposure into some of these things, perhaps some more than others, but let’s make it work even better for you!

We have a really easy way to teach our 3 courses that will completely change how you look at each and every client to make them all translate into high sales, repeat business and client loyalty.


Retail Sales Team Training

Looks Image Consulting is ready to share all their secrets! After 15 years of listening and “really hearing” people sharing their image goals; after working with hundreds of clients from all walks of life, every possible type of career from entrepreneurs to presidents of major corporations to people working from home and retirees…we KNOW what sales teams need to do to CONNECT. PERCEIVE AND MASTER  their clients.

We’ve developed a 3 step process that will take any apparel retailer sales team above and beyond what you ever thought possible for your clients.

Body Analysis

Body 101

What do you do for the clients that have fit challenges? We can help your personal shoppers and sales teams assess your clients and your stock and match their needs.

From the 50 year old schoolteacher who is a double 00 and doesn’t want to shop in the junior stores to the size 40 accountant, Looks has all the fit and body proportion answers to make your sales team shine!


Clothing Personality

Clothing Personality

What “style” of clothes your clients choose to wear is something everyone selling clothes needs to understand quickly and delve into.

We ask what and who’s style our clients admire? Where do they shop? Their lifestyle? Ah-ha! Looks can teach you how to translate the answers to those questions into bringing the merchandise you have to offer to match your clients needs.

Colour 101 Team Education From Looks Image

Colour 101

Looks can teach your team how to quickly identify your clients colour palettes easily & effortlessly. The client won’t even know you’re doing it, because we’ll train your staff! What does this mean? Your team putting drop dead gorgeous colours on your clients that makes every clothing item something they can’t live without!

We’ve had huge success with major retailers and small boutiques driving their sales up BECAUSE we’ve used our simple processes with each and every client. It WORKS. It brings them back to us again, as these vendors sell what my clients are looking for! This means repeat business for US but higher sales for you.

But wait, we can teach you our process. Whether you’re a sales manager, retailer or store owner. You can all learn HOW we achieve such high sales with each and every client and teach everyone at your store our techniques that will not only increase your sales but will drive repeat business and client loyalty.




Michelle Workshop2

Your image speaks about who YOU are, even before you introduce yourself.

Transform your team into their most confident, empowered selves!

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