Discovery Call…
what’s that all about?

Let’s face it, taking the first steps to hire an image consultant is a daunting one. Is the consultant going to understand my wardrobe struggles? Lifestyle? Career? Not to mention the array of services! How can I be sure I’m making the right choices to help me with my end goals, because who wants to waste time and money?

Not to worry, Looks is here to help you manage all that, and that’s exactly what our discovery call is all about.

Think of these 4 points before and during your discovery call:


Why do you think you need Looks Image Consulting?

What are your biggest struggles with your wardrobe and image?


Do I feel a connection? Am I being heard? Are my needs being quickly interpreted?

Am I getting great advice about how to solve my image issues?

Are our personalities “clicking” so that I feel really comfortable?

We can’t WAIT to talk to you!!!

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